31 Days of Erotic Fiction



Need the inspiration to keep writing? Want to discover if you can write erotic fiction? Looking for your next sexy blog post or erotic novella idea? 31 Days of Erotic Fiction is exactly what you need to stay inspired and keep the smutty juices flowing.

We give you 31 unique prompts to use on your blog and in your writing practice. 31 Days of Erotic Fiction can be used in multiple ways:

  • Join a month-long blogging challenge and write with a new prompt every day.
  • Pull it out when you know you want to write but need help with ideas.
  • Use it to practice writing erotic fiction and build those skills.
  • Create a blog schedule that includes erotica once or twice a week, using the prompts to get started
  • Try new-to-you forms of writing!

Because inspiration and ideas change and flow from one moment to the next, you can re-use this workbook as many times as you’d like. One prompt may inspire multiple obscene ideas and stories.

Included in 31 Days of Erotic Fiction:

  • Guidance on how to use the prompts
  • 31 prompts, two prompts per page
  • Lines for notes under each prompt to write notes if you print the PDF
  • A page for reflections once you reach the end
  • Information on how to connect with the Obscene Ideas community and share your writing

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