31 Days of Self Reflection



Want to explore who you are as both a writer and a sexual being? Looking for prompts that make you think about yourself in new and different ways? Ready to develop an introspective writing practice? You need 31 Days of Self Reflection, the prompt workbook that asks you in-depth questions to help you see yourself in new ways.

We give you 31 unique prompts to use on your blog and in your writing practice. 31 Days of Self Reflection asks a series of questions to give you new opportunities to reflect on your sexual self. You can answer these questions generally or you can pick a specific topic related to your sexual self to focus on as you go through the books. What kinds of topics?

  • BDSM and kink
  • Sexuality
  • Sexual experience
  • Gender identity
  • Relationships

Choosing a specific topic allows you to use this prompt workbook over and over again to explore different facets of yourself in new ways.

How to use 31 Days of Self Reflection

  • Join a month-long blogging challenge and write with a new prompt every day.
  • Pull it out when you know you want to write but need help with ideas.
  • Create a blog schedule that includes introspective posts once or twice a week, using the prompts to get started
  • Let the prompts guide on you a journey into self-reflection to help you figure out what you think, feel, and want.

Included in the workbook:

  • Guidance on how to use the prompts
  • 31 prompts meant to be answered in order
  • Lines for notes under each prompt to write notes if you print the PDF
  • A page for reflections once you reach the end
  • Information on how to connect with the Obscene Ideas community and share your writing

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