9 Ways to Use 31 Days of Erotic Fiction

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Not sure what to do with your copy of 31 Days of Erotic Fiction? Feeling a little overwhelmed, maybe even intimidated by it? Sometimes starting is the hardest part. If you need some help, here are nine different ways you can use your Erotic Fiction prompts!

January Jumpstart

Violet Fawkes hosts a write-everyday-in-January blogging meme called January Jumpstart to help kickstart the writing and blogging juices for the new year ahead. As there are 31 days in January, the Erotic Fiction prompts would make a fun and smutty option. (Fun fact: Violet is also an amazing graphic designer who makes our covers and designed the Obscene Ideas logo!)

Flash Fiction Fun

Whether you do this once a day for 31 days, or once a week for 31 weeks, use the prompts to craft a bit of flash fiction. Blog it or don’t. The challenge is to create a compelling (and sexy!) story using the prompt in about 500 words. If you’ve never written flash fiction, it’s harder than it seems.

Create a Storyline

Again, do this once a day or once a week, but the fun is weaving seemingly disparate prompts together into one storyline. Each time you sit down to write, the prompt gives you a bit of direction, but what you’ve written previously guides and informs what you write today. Pretend bonus points if you have a fully cohesive story by the end.

Give Yourself Multiple Book Ideas

Do you dream of writing an erotic novel at some point? If you get stuck at the idea phase, use the prompts to start multiple story lines. You don’t have to get too far in, just a few hundred words will do. One prompt may stick with you more than others (there’s your book idea!) or you may mix and match multiple prompts to come up with your book idea. 

Explore One Specific Topic 

You can create your own theme with 31 Days of Fiction prompts which means you can use the prompts over and over again in new ways. Maybe the first time through, your theme is “BDSM” so every story you write with a prompt must feature some form of kink. Maybe the next time through, you pick anal sex. Each story features anal sex in some way. There are no rules to your themes, so get as obscene as you’d like.


It’s not NaNoWriMo. Instead, this is National Blog Post Month. This a blog alternative to National Novel Writing Month. It seems to have begun in 2006 and gone officially defunct in at least 2016, according to this history. Even though there’s no “official” home, you can do this instead of NaNoWriMo in November or you can do it in any month of the year, though we’re partial to those with 31 days.

Every Damn Day in June

Created in 2018, Hyacinth Jones started Every Damn Day in June to give bloggers something to keep them going in the middle of the summer. Early and late year events are common, but what do you do about the summer slump? Well, you could write every damn day in the month of June and let the prompts give you ideas!

Write Micro Stories

Micro stories can be done almost anywhere at nearly anytime. We like to do them on Twitter with #obscenestory. You get a word prompt and the length of the tweet (minus the characters needed for the hashtag) to write your story. To stretch your creative muscles a bit, try using the erotic fiction prompts for micro stories. Post them on your social media feed. Write them in a journal. Print out the prompt book and write them there. Do whatever works for you.

Give Yourself a 31 Week Writing Challenge

That’s right instead of days, turn this into a weekly challenge. You might blog it. You might write it in a super-secret document on your computer. Maybe you even handwrite it. All that matters is you set a challenge for yourself to write once a week for 31 weeks. If you start the first week of the year, you’ll be done after the first week of August (approximately). Alternatively, you can start in mid-May and blog every week through the end of the year. 

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