4 Thoughtful Gifts For the Writer in Your Life

image of laptop, cup of coffee, pen, open journal titled my book, and gift wrapped in white and blue paper with a blue ribbon showing different options for gifts for writers

Living with and/or loving a writer is a special thing. We writers tend to live in our heads a lot and always seem to have a story to tell. This means we’ll either confuse you or keep you entertained (or both!) making us utterly lovable. 

This holiday season, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the perfect gift for your writer. You simply need to think about what they might need to do more of what they love. We’ve got several gift ideas to help you give the writer in your life something they’ll love.


Live with a writer? Take a bit of responsibility off their plate for an extra hour (or more!) a week so they can write. Send them to the library, a socially distanced coffee shop, or to their room. Wherever they can get away for an hour or an afternoon with nothing but time to write

Of the many things that keep a writer from writing (and there are so many), the freedom to write guilt-free is often one of them. There are kids to raise, bills to pay, something to clean, or just a life to live. It’s easy to let everyday responsibilities keep us from writing. If you love a writer, the best thing you can give them is extra time to write guilt-free.

Fewer Distractions

Okay, you gave them the time, but do they have to space to write? If they’re in a bedroom or home office, are other people barging in with interruptions? Do you keep texting with questions or requests for them? If outside distractions fill their time, the time was no real gift.

Every writer needs something different to get into a creative mode. Some people need total quiet (raises hand). Others want to listen to lyric-free music. What most of us don’t want are constant interruptions. If you’re going to give the gift of time, also give the gift of distraction-free time. 

Note: If your writer uses their time to endlessly scroll Twitter or people watch, that’s on them. 

Writerly Supplies

Every writer loves different “writerly” things. Some (like myself) love books we can read. Others love pens or empty journals. What does your writer love most? Whatever that is, it’s the perfect gift for them. 

Check the brand of the pen they use most — or just ask them. Wrap up some for a gift. Find out their favorite type of journal — lined, unlined, dot grid — and buy it for them. When all else fails, a gift card to the store they shop at most for their favorite supplies is always a winner. 

Prompt Books

You knew we were coming to this, right? Of course, we think prompt books make a great gift. You can purchase printed books from local bookstores or you can purchase digital prompt books online. We highly recommend 31 Days of Erotic Fiction (obviously).

A printed book can be nicely wrapped up and placed under a tree. Digital copies can be printed at your favorite local or online printer if you feel like making your gift extra special. But simply gifting a writer with a few ideas lets them know you support them and their craft. This gift pairs well with extra time and fewer distractions, in case you want to give them the perfect gift.

A good gift considers the person receiving it. It shows you thought about who they are as a person and what they like, but in some cases, what they need, as well. Writers always need more time, fewer distractions, great supplies, and a few good ideas. Any one of those will be greatly appreciated by the writer you know and love.

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